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Welcome to Dane-Gramp Productions

Dane Gramp

35 years ago, sitting on the downstairs couch in my childhood home, I told my grandfather that I wanted to make movies. At the time, they were claymation films as I had seen some kid profiled on TV who had made his own clay movies and I wanted to do that.

“If you write the story and create the characters and build the set, then I will pay for the film and we can use my (Super 8) camera,” my grandfather offered.

For the next three summers, I clocked hundreds of hours in my basement making detailed clay figures and elaborate sets for my grandfather to film. Although the films were primitive and my grandfather was as much as a novice as I was, it became the foundation for a lifetime of wanting to make movies.

I’ve called my production company Dane-Gramp Productions ever since. Times have changed. My grandfather is no longer with us. I am now a father of three kids. But one thing remains constant: my love for making movies.

So, welcome to this brand new website for my production company. It’s a place where I’ll share my projects, stories that I love and everything else in between. Looking forward to having you join me on this journey!

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